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Windows Update Agent Header Files

(C) Copyright 2005 Microsoft Corporation




This package contains the latest Windows Update Agent = API header files necessary to develop applications leveraging the WUA Agent interfaces.


For up-to-date information about the Windows Update Ag= ent (WUA) API, go to the Microsoft ® Developer Network (MSDN) Web site:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=3D/li= brary/en-us/wus/wus/portal.asp


Prerequisites= :

1.  WUA v= ersion 5.4.3700.1000 or greater

Programmers who use these Windows ® Update Agent (= WUA) API header files should determine the version of WUA before using the API. = The current version of WUA is determined by the version of the WUAUENG.DLL that= is running in the \system32 subdirectory of the current Windows installation. = When the version of WUAUENG.DLL is 5.4.3790.1000 or greater, WUA is installed. A version less than 5.4.3790.1000 indicates that SUS 1.0 is installed.

2. PSDK from Windows Server 2003 SP1 (version 3790.183= 0)

You will need to have at a minimum the PSDK from Windo= ws Server 2003 SP1 (version 3790.1830) installed before using the header files extracted by this executable.



You will need to change the path for the include files= for the compiler of your choice and the path for the library files for the link= er of your choice to look up these files before looking into the PSDK files.