These release notes provide information and describe issues related to Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 Service Pack 1 (SP1).


1. Resources

  1. Service pack features are described in detail in the document "ISA Server 2006 Service Pack 1". This document is included in the service pack download, and it is available from Microsoft TechNet.

  2. Important information about installation is available in the article How to install ISA Server hotfixes and updates. This includes instructions for creating a log file during installation, unattended mode installation, administrative installation, and important information about installation in ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition.

2. Installation

Upgrading to this version from beta of this service pack is not supported.

3. Uninstallation

In some cases, you may not be able to remove ISA 2006 updates (including this service pack) on an ISA Server Configuration Storage server-only or ISA Server Management console-only computer. For more information about this issue and how to resolve it, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 941106.

4. Operations

  1. When you disable configuration change tracking, the configuration change is not logged.

  2. When performing an import with configuration change tracking enabled, we recommend that you note the import file name in the change tracking description. Configuration change tracking logs the changes made in the import but does not log the import file name, or indicate that the changes resulted from an import operation.

  3. When managing ISA Server from a remote ISA Server Management MMC console, the computer running the console must be upgraded to SP1 in order to track changes using the configuration change tracking feature. If the remote MMC console has SP1 installed, you can use configuration change tracking even without installing SP1 on the remotely managed ISA Server computers or Configuration Storage servers.

  4. When import action 'Overwrite' is performed, the existing configuration change tracking log might be deleted. Note that the existing configuration change tracking log does not record the restore process. For a workaround, see Knowledge Base article 955120.

  5. In the Diagnostic logging Tasks pane, the actions Enable Diagnostic Logging, Disable Diagnostic Logging and Delete Diagnostic Log are performed on the server selected from the filter pane.

5. Hotfixes included in the service pack

All hotfixes included in Service Pack 1 are addressed in the following Microsoft 943462.

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