List of Fixes in Visual FoxPro 9.0 Service Pack 2

OWC11.Spreadsheet.11 cannot be inserted onto a form.
VFP9: Clearing class that is also used in another container class can lead to product instability
VFP8: Classes - Fatal exception closing Class Designer if focus is on grid column contained in toolbar container
CRASH: removeproperty of a binded property
_VFP.ServerName (or Application.ServerName, respectively) is empty if the full path and file name of the EXE/DLL/MT-DLL exceeds 128 characters.
PictureVal not accepting PNG images
windowsType property automatic change on focus with desktop=.t.
VFP 9.0 [DTS] - Using TRY - CATCH to capture unhandled exception errors and close curently open form does hapen because the combo box's Valid Event won't release from memory.
Selecting Code from the Right-Click of a Control
VFP8: DataEnvironment doesn't release object stored in DataSource property.
VFP8: Form - Close button and "CLOSE" control box menu item are not refershing properly on top-level form when modal "child" forms run
VFP8: Form - Dangling reference caused by use of ISBLANK() and THIS.PARENT prevents closure of a form in 8 and 9. No problem in 6 or 7.
VFP9: Form - ObjToClient() returns position relative to container in form Activate
VFP7: Form - Hang after alt+tab to scrollable toplevel form from modal in-screen desktop form after combo opened in toplevel form
With a spinner or a combobox the form can become unmanageable
VFP8: Form - Private DataSession of form get orhpaned. Leads to buffer overflow
Controlbox of forms do not draw correct whenTHIS.BorderStyle = 2 && Fixed dialog
Closing form with tooltips crashes
VFP8: Grid - C05 calling  REFRESH() of grid with active index on MEMO field created with PADR()
VFP7: C5 is thrown when Grid's RecordSource is closed in BeforeRowColChange/AfterRowColChange (VFP should be started from the debugger)
VFP9 - Grid - "INDEX internal consistency error." on GRID with _SCREEN.ShowTips = .T.  No crash in VFP8, or in 9 if you turn off the memo tips.
VFP9: Grid - Memo tips do not refresh as well as they do in a standard BROWSE window as you move your mouse.
VFP7: Custom MousePointer not working for controls in grid
VFP doesn't display some BMP files, but other programs (e. g. MSPAINT) do
VFP9: Listbox - Fatal exception closing tables which are listbox rowsources
VFP9: Crash on GetObject on Vista
*_ACCESS()/*_ASSIGN() prevents Olecontrol's properties from changes in design-time and appears a reason for some other design-time errors
VFP: DllOleInit function does not return actual HR failure code. It returns S_FALSE which can not be caught by regsvr32.exe.
Mouse events fail after OLE drag and drop
VFP9: ReportListener AdjustObjectSize returns inaccurate Top and MaxHeightAvailable for objects in Page Footers
VFP8: Textbox - Decimal portion of numeric value reset to 0 when TextBox with Alignment = 0 or 2 and ReadOnly = .T. loses focus
Textbox.Format F with some fonts can set the alignment to Left
Autocomplete doesn't work on textbox in toolbar
VFP8: CursorAdapter.Flags property is read-only
CursorAdapter (ADO) - FCOUNT() returns incorrect value when Recordset supports Bookmarks.
Allow to change XMLName property even when XMLTable/XMLField object is a member of Tables/Fields collection.
XMLTable.ToCursor method can not load data for table that contained Chinese name of Field (Simplified Chinese Windows)
Index Error in the Component Gallery
VFP9: Access violation getting Accessible object name
VFP9: IAccessible empty grid value returns invalid data
Problems with ComAttrib Type Library types and TlbImport in .NET
VFP9: intellisense for .NET obj doesn't show unless instantiated
VFP9: CVConvertVariantToCType converts UI4 to UI2
CREATEOBJECTEX/GETINTERFACE do not fail for an interface from another class, but calls go to the original class
VFP9: sys(3097) of non-com object causes crash
Error in tlb if there is a space after line continuation ; in procedure definition of a COM server
VFP7: SPT passes NULL values as char, might cause type mismatch error for certain data types (affects CursorAdapter as well).
VFP6: SPT removes "!" following parameter name, which replaces != with = comparison.
VFP7: Unable to use a string which is greater than 254 characters in length with SQLStringConnect
VFP7 SPT: Unexpected "Type conversion is not supported for output parameters." error trying to pass NULL variable of Date/DateTime type as an output parameter for an SP
VFP9 SP2: Unexpected error trying to pass "untyped" NULL value to an SP
VFP7: Left part of comparison is used for Rushmore optimization even when it doesn't reference the table (wrong result might be returned).
VFP8: Engine - Fatal exception resizing browse window when filter UDF has a local variable declared
VFP9: DROP TABLE fails to remove table record from database if DBF does not exist
VFP7: Result of ISNULL(), EMPTY() functions is treated as nullable (affects BINARY indexes in VFP9).
VFP7: Index on ISNULL() isn't used for optimization by SQL engine.
VFP6: Engine - SQLCOLUMNS() fails with "Function sequence error" when called twice against asynchronous connection
VFP9: INDEX ON for view does not create CDX after DELETE TAG ALL
VFP6: A table doesn't match DBC when ALTER TABLE adds 99 fields and fields' names are longer than 10 characters.
VFP6: Internal Consistency Error (ICE) after closing BROWSE for a table with very long field names.
VFP7: Null propagation for Double type doesn't work for arithmetic operations.
VFP7: VFP allows to create structural CDX for a table opened in shared mode, which may cause header corruption.
VFP9 DEBUG BUILD: Crash after doing rollback in form's private DataSession after the form is closed.
VFP9: Unexpected “File is not open” error reported by INDEX ON command after DELETE TAG ALL for a structural CDX on a View.
VFP7: Functions from T_FUNCTION3 bucket can cause C5 when VFP tries to determine return type for expression.
VFP7: Engine - Fatal exception with LOCATE using LIKE with long 2nd expression
VFP9: buffer overrun in ExtractsubExp
DCR: Engine - Make larger read size configurable for better network performance
VFP7: Index matching code fails to match UDF calls due to "possibly passed by ref" tag.
VFP8: It is possible to force update of an AUTOINC field in appended record.
VFP9: Engine -  CreateOffline() returns .F. with error "View definition has changed" if view references table with long field name
VFP8: Engine - C++ runtime library buffer overrun with CALCULATE SUM()
VFP9: SET RELATION behaves incorrectly when it is based on VARCHAR index.
Record is out of range - Select with LEFT join
FoxPro: Filtered Index Command dies at certain for-clause length
It is possible to create structural index for a table opened in read-only mode, but it is not opened next time the table is opened.
VFP8: OLE DB Provider - Use of underscore system variables (_SCREEN for instance) generate "too many variables" error message in OLE DB provider
VFP8: OLE DB Provider - PLEASE update "Select directory containing free tables" dialog opened by selecting Free Tables and clicking BROWSE when designing a UDL with VFP Provider
VFP8: OLE DB Provider - Bogus error message displayed by Data Link Properties  dialog when configuring a UDL to a non-existant DBC using provider.
DCR - VFP8: OLEDB Provider - Provider should read CODEPAGE = from config.fpw
DCR: VFP OLEDB Provider - Need a way to configure SET DELETED in connection or via language
VFP8: OLEDB Provider - Cannot adjust records in table via provider if parent DBC/DCX/DCT is marked ReadOnly. No problem against same files from VFP IDE.
AV in vfpoledb.dll!CSchema_Proc::Execute
VFPOLEDB: Long binary value (Blob) passed from ADO.NET is changed to a NULL value on VFPOLEDB side.
Missing PUSHJMP/POPJMP around TBSetBufferMode call in CvfpoledbRowset::InitFromFoxCursor.
VFP9: Debugger: ToolTip for character variable in the TRACE window no longer has quotes around the value. Did in previous VFP versions.
VFP 9.0 SP 1 - When running a FoxPro context (shortcut) menu in Vista, submenus popup to the left of menu instead of to the right.
VFP8: Report Designer - Group headers will not print on a page where the group footer is continued from the previous page if a page break occurs in the middle of group footer
VFP9: Variable VPOS is not found when modifying field of report with SET COMPATIBLE on
VFP9: Report Designer - Memory leak modifying or previewing report with items marked as protected
VFP7: MODI STRU (readonly) does not display nullable status
VFP8: View Designer fails to parse '{oj ...}' ODBC escape sequence when STRICTDATE is set to 0.
COPY TO SDF a integer field can to be incorrect
VFP8: Engine - Fatal exception with EVL(,(TTOC()) in field list
VFP9: Error Reading File infinite loop if drive disabled while file open and data session window open
VFP9 SP2 CTP Crashes when closing browse window
VFP: Too many variables crash VFP
VFP8: Access keys in RTL environment bugs (BIDI)
Help->About->System Information gives err msg on Vista
VFP9: IDE - Error "Invalid BROWSE setup -- default setup used" browsing a cursor with name >35 chars when a cursor with same name up to the 35 char point has settings stored in resource file
C5 exception after closing BROWSE window
Closing browse windows makes VFP9 SP2 CTP Crash - local tables
Error c0000005 in browse of table
BUG in FOX PRO 9 SP2 -- Browse crashes after  connecting to SQL Server
ERROR while closing the BROWSE window in development environment
VFP9 SP2: Crash When Press Ctrl+F4 to Close the browse window
SYS(1272) crashes VFP
VFP8: Private Datesession causes editbox to overwrite existing data
VFP8: Language - DefaultValue set to NULL on view field via DBSETPROP() does not get stored to underlying table
VFP8: VFP crash in AppVerifier
VFP9: Language - Fatal exception with JUST*() and FORCE*() functions when passing certain strings
VFP9 SP1: Behavior of FSEEK() is changed in VFP9 SP1 for files opened using mode 10,11,12.
VFP9: name table overflow during load of large number of procedures causes incorrect behavior
VFP9: Unbindevent from within BoundEvent causes invalid memory access
VFP8: Language - SYS(3050,1) returns a negative number on a mchine with 4 GIGs of RAM
DCR: Language - Make 1104 and 1105 errors report GetLastError() information
VFP7: SQL Select with NOT IN subquery returns incorrect results if WHERE clause for subquery has "constant" false expression
VFP7: ALL, SOME, ANY fails for == operator.
VFP7: An attempt to use DBF('cursor') in the FROM clause fails when the file hasn't been created on disk.
VFP6: COUNT(*) returns incorrect result when tables are joined using GENERAL collate.
COUNT(*) can return wrong results under some conditions when SET COLLATE is not MACHINE
With outher join, orphan rows and specific field type, the SELECT can fail
Projection subquery can return wrong result whitin a empty group query
GETPEM(),PEMSTATUS() and SYS(1269) don't support Memo or Blob field
VFP6: "Subquery returned more than one record." error is not reported if result of the sub-query is compared with == operator (works as expected for = operator)
SQL internal error when using a UNION
VFP9: SQL-DELETE command doesn't respect OUTER modifier for a join with the target table
VFP 9.0 - When APPENDing a CSV file to a FoxPro table, sometimes the day is incorrect and the year is always incorrect.
Execscript() Crashing Build
TFS MSSCCI Provider crashes in VFP 9
VFP9 : Cancelling print closes the print preview
VFP9: Report fields are not printed in long group headers
dynamic style for field in report
Reporting: Ole/picture controls referencing files included in an EXE lock the EXE file after running the report
Group headers don't always print on a new page
In Xbase code in either of the dynamic ReportListener events (EvaluateContents and AdjustObjectSize), Report Variables that contain object references can't be used properly
VFP9: Error "At least one required index tag is missing from the configuration table...." on "DO ( _REPORTOUTPUT ) WITH 5, <oLsnr>" when SET( "FIXED" ) == ON
VFP9: XMLListener code doesn't account for CREATE REPORT ... FROM  (DBF(ALIAS())) 's behavior when SET FULLPATH is OFF