Windows Embedded Compact 7 - M03 2012 Update Rollup


This release contains the update on top of the list.

If previously released updates are not installed on the development system, all missing updates will be installed.


Fixes made in this update:


Update 9 (March 2012)


Component: Catalog


120330_KB2666258 - This update adds support for Calibrui module.


Component: CoreOS


120322_KB2636175 - This update addresses some issues with UNISCRIBE.

120331_KB2693667 - An error may occur when using BINFS and setting COMPRESSION=OFF.


Component: DirectX


120313_KB2680238 - An out of memory error may occur when parsing certain WMA files with large file headers.


Component: Networking


120316_KB2678235 - Timeout of IcmpSendEcho may not work correctly.

120320_KB2686797 - The event notifications (NOTIFICATION_EVENT_NET_CONNECT and NOTIFICATION_EVENT_NET_DISCONNECT) are not being raised.

120309_KB2672387 - IPv6 default gateway address is not displayed when ipconfig command is issued.

120331_KB2672189 - Users are not able to disable the IPV6 temporary address by setting the registry 'UseTemporaryAddresses' to '0'. A new registry is added to configure the 'Temporary IPV6 address'. The default value is set to '1' (enabled).

130331_KB2675756 - Memory leak may occur when adding/removing interfaces.


Component: OSShell


120308_KB2683496 - When screen is rotated, an opened alchemy application appears on top of Z-order.


Component: SCHANNEL


120319_KB2650116 - This update addresses an issue in Schannel.


Component: Tools


120330_KB2689819 - This update addresses some build issues with the cloned modules.



Previously released updates that might be installed:


Update 8 (February 2012)


Component: DirectX


120206_KB2643028 - This update addresses an issue with the color when the output format is set as NV12.

120215_KB2676617 - IMediaSeeking::GetDuration may return an incorrect playback duration when playing MP3 (MPEG2.5 VBR).

120221_KB2676997 - MP3 file with ID3 tag may start playback from an incorrect position.


Component: Drivers


120222_KB2675188 - This update addresses an error in waveapi.dll when multiple Wave drivers are loaded.


Component: Internet Explorer


120206_KB2665677 - When the system has multiple codepages installed, these encoding options may not show under View_Encoding menu.

120213_KB2673281 - This update addresses an issue with window.prompt not working.


Component: Networking


120214_KB2655816 - This update addresses an issue with the same Transaction ID used for DHCPDISCOVER and DHCPREQUEST. When the network cable is unplugged and plugged back in, DHCP DECLINE gets sent out. If a STATIC IP is configured, unplugging and plugging the cable drops the IP to AUTO IP.

120214_KB2643022 - Some devices may not get IP address from DHCP server.

120214_KB2650708 - A memory leak may occur when Bluetooth is repeatedly powered On/Off.

120228_KB2666019 - An error may occur during initialization of TCP/IP stack.


Component: NK


120217_KB2654709 - A user may not be able to run an application compiled with Windows Embedded CE 6.0 SDK on Windows Embedded Compact 7.


Component: Security


120224_KB2670901 - An exception may occur when calling PFXImportCertStore.


Component: Storage


120221_KB2666090 - This update enables mounting of non-MBR storage formatted as NTFS.


Component: Time Zone/DST


120213_KB2645464 - This is a cumulative time zone update.

120229_KB2683399 - This is a DST update for Chile.



Update 7 (January 2012)


Component: Bluetooth


120130_KB2664748 - This update addresses a test failure.


Component: ConnMgr


120131_KB2652987 - Memory leak may occur when adding/deleting Wi-Fi profiles.


Component: CTLPNL


120110_KB2655098 - This update addresses an issue with CtlPnl does not saving new date and time.


Component: HCD


120118_KB2645938 - Under certain circumstances USBPerf failures may occur.


Component: Internet Explorer


120131_KB2642983 - This update addresses file download issues.


Component: Kernel


120112_KB2655254 - This update addresses an issue with soft reset clearing RAM.


Component: MGDI


120111_KB2653928 - MS Mincho font is not available without the AC3FontCompression technology.


Component: SDCard


120109_KB2643050 - This update adds the required logs to help with further debugging of the CTK SD Bus Level Function test failure.


Component: USB


120105_KB2643038 - This update addresses an issue of incorrect synchronization in the enumeration sequence.



Update 6 (December 2011)


Component: Accelerometer


111227_KB2643054 - Accelerometer MDD may not handle orientation message correctly.


Component: Core


111227_KB2634150 - For an image built for a specific locale, the corresponding time zone for that locale is not set correctly.


Component: Help


This release installs updated help documents


Component: Internet Explorer


111216_KB2650112  - This update addresses some Internet Explorer issues.


Component: Media Player


111226_KB2653450 - This update addresses an issue with audio, video and image files not being associated with the music, video and picture player icons.


Component: MSFlash


111227_KB2619270 - The copy of the partition table in the partition driver may get deleted and recreated every time a partition is added causing some issues.


Component: Networking


111213_KB2619327 - Socket connection is disconnected when using RST.


Component: OSShell


111227_KB2643047 - Memory leaks may occur when adding/deleting custom user controls or changing the visual state of the custom user control.


Component: Platman


111227_KB2643040 - A user is not able to 'Enable access to desktop files' while in a debugger session.


Component: Time Zone


111215_KB2633088 - This is a cumulative time zone update.


Update 5 (November 2011)


Component: Apps

Component: Build

Component: DirectX

Component: Drivers

Component: Filesys

Component: FSDMGR

Component: IDE

Component: Kernel

Component: SD CTK Tests

Update 4 (October 2011)


Component: BLUETOOTH

Component: DHCP

Component: MSFLASH

Component: NETIO

Update 3 (October 2011)


This update provides new tools, application updates and bug fixes for Windows Embedded Compact 7.


Update 2 (July 2011)


Component: HTTP

Update 1 (June 2011)