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What's New in Microsoft Office Publisher

Applies to: Microsoft Publisher 2010

Microsoft Publisher 2010 adds new capabilities geared to help you create, print, and distribute professional-quality publications and sales and marketing materials. With the updated user interface, an improved print experience to help with more efficient printing, new object alignment technology, new photo placement and manipulation tools, building blocks of content, and fine typography options such as true small caps, ligatures, and stylistic alternates, Publisher 2010 improves the desktop publishing experience and makes the results more predictable so that you get the publications you want.

What's New and Improved

  1. New! Get started quickly    with the updated user interface that includes the Ribbon, the Backstage, and a cleaner workspace, that make it intuitive to discover more commands so you can get things done faster.
  2. Improved! Add or change pictures in your publications     seamlessly while preserving the look of your document. Use the visual pan, crop, and zoom to get the results you want.
  3. Improved! Get more design control     with the new object alignment technology providing visual layout guidance while keeping you in control of the final placement of the image, text box, etc in the document or template.
  4. New! Print efficiently and with ease    , Publisher 2010 combines the Print and Preview experiences to make it much easier to print both simple and complex documents. Simultaneously view both sides of a page, multiple pages, page boundaries, and other pertinent print information to get the expected print results the first time.
  5. Improved! Easier access to online templates     that are created by both businesses and the Publisher user community.
  6. New! Create your publications quickly by using building blocks     of professionally designed pre-created content, style galleries, and font and color themes to guide you to professional-looking results
  7. Improved! Connect with customers by personalizing your publications     for print or e-mail distribution with Mail Merge, and E-mail Merge, enhanced Catalog Merge.
  8. New! Add a new level of sophistication     to your publications with fine typography by using ligatures, true small caps, stylistic alternates, and alternate numeral forms.

Version Comparison

Features/Benefits Office Publisher 2003 Office Publisher 2007 Office Publisher 2010
Updated, more efficient user interface featuring the Ribbon, the Backstage, and a cleaner document workspace NEW IN Publisher 2010
Choose from a library of hundreds of customizable design templates and blank templates for popular print and email publications such as brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, postcards, and newsletters FEATURE INCLUDED IMPROVED IMPROVED
Use Catalog Merge to build custom materials, such as datasheets or catalogs, by merging text and images from a database-for example, those in Microsoft Office Excel, Access, or Outlook FEATURE INCLUDED IMPROVED IMPROVED
When connected to the Internet, you can access hundreds of Publisher templates available on Office Online right from within Publisher FEATURE INCLUDED FEATURE INCLUDED IMPROVED
The new object alignment technology provides guidance, but keeps you in control of the final placement of any new object such as a graphic or text box NEW IN Publisher 2010
Use the new photo pan, zoom, and crop technology to easily replace images while maintaining the layout and look of your document FEATURE INCLUDED FEATURE INCLUDED IMPROVED
Add captions. Choose from a gallery of caption layouts for your photos NEW IN Publisher 2010
Access building blocks of contents such as mastheads, graphics, and more to get professional-quality results FEATURE INCLUDED FEATURE INCLUDED IMPROVED
Publisher 2010includes a combined print and preview experience that makes it easier to print both simple and complex publications NEW IN Publisher 2010
View both sides of the page(s) of a publication prior to printing so that you can ensure that the printed version of your publication will look as good as it did onscreen NEW IN Publisher 2010
View page boundaries, page numbers, and sheet rulers in print preview mode to help you get the desired results   NEW IN Publisher 2010
Save a file as PDF or XPS for easier sharing and printing FEATURE INCLUDED FEATURE INCLUDED
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