01/19/2012 01:44:08

This Readme document contains important information to read before installing Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for Excel. It describes how to find installation assistance in the TechNet Library, how to find supplemental product information in the Release Notes, and copyright attributions for the product. This Readme file is available on your installation media.

Installation Assistance

PowerPivot Help in the TechNet Library is the primary documentation for getting assistance with installing and using PowerPivot. PowerPivot Help also installs on your computer when you install PowerPivot for Excel. For assistance installing PowerPivot for Excel, see Install PowerPivot (TechNet Library) or Install PowerPivot (Video).

Product Help

To view the most recent PowerPivot Help content, visit PowerPivot Help.

Read the Release Notes for the Latest Product Information

The Release Notes provide supplemental information about product behaviors that apply only to this release or that are not documented in this release of Books Online. You can find Release Notes on the Release Notes Page.

Copyright Attributions

© 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.