Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Outlook Web Access Web Administration

Release Notes

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About This Document

Installation Requirements

Installation Recommendations

Known Issues

About This Document

The release notes list known issues with Microsoft Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access Web Administration.

Installation Requirements

The Outlook Web Access Web Administration tool (OWA Admin) for Exchange 2003 requires Internet Information Server (IIS), the .Net framework version 1.1 and ASP.Net on the machine which it will be installed on.

The OWA Admin tool requires an SSL connection.  This is required in order to enable authentication and remote access to your Exchange servers.  If you do not have an SSL certificate installed on the machine that you install OWA Admin on, a test certificate will be automatically created and configured by the OWA Admin setup program.

Installation Recommendation

The OWA Admin tool is designed to administer OWA settings on remote servers.  It is recommended that you install the OWA Admin tool on a separate workstation other than your Exchange server(s).  This will help reduce the security risk to your Exchange network.  It is also recommended that you do not install this tool on an Exchange front-end server that is placed within your company firewall DMZ zone.  This is because the OWA Admin tool relies on the Windows Management Interface (WMI) ports to connect to and manage remote servers.  These ports are normally not open on firewalls.

Known Issues

Windows 2000 Server .Net framework memory use

If you install the OWA Admin tool on a Windows 2000 Server you should be aware that the .Net framework will not unload automatically and will fail to release a small amount of memory until the machine is restarted.  On Windows 2003 Server IIS automatically releases all .Net framework application memory after a short time of inactivity.

Browser Support

The OWA Admin tool is only tested and supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 Service Pack 1.  Although it may work with other browsers – Microsoft offers no support and will not fix issues related to other browsers.

Windows 2000 Domain Controller

In order to run the OWA web administration tool on a Windows 2000 Domain Controller you must first follow the steps described in

Default Values

OWA configuration settings are stored in each Exchange server’s registry.  If a setting has not been configured before on the server the OWA Admin tool has an internal default setting that is stored in the web.config file for the OWA Admin application.

.Net Framework Version 2.0

The OWA web administration tool does not work with pre-release versions of the .Net Framework Version 2.0.

Windows 2003 SharePoint Team Services

ASP.Net applications do not work correctly with a default Sharepoint Team Services installation.  Search the SharePoint support site for instructions on configuring SharePoint to work with ASP.Net applications.

SSL Requirement

The OWA web administration tool requires SSL.  If your server does not have a certificate installed already we will install a test certificate that will expire after three years.

Machine Domain Membership

The OWA web administration tool requires that the machine that it is installed on be a member of the domain to be administered.