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Welcome to the June 2012 edition of the Microsoft IT Academy newsletter, a resource loaded with information intended to help program administrators and educators get the most out of their IT Academy memberships. If this newsletter was forwarded to you by a colleague, please feel free to subscribe today to receive future editions directly.

Feature Story

North Carolina Students and Educators Get Certified

Description: North Carolina StudentsTo date, North Carolina students and educators have earned more than 51,000 Microsoft Certifications thanks to North Carolina’s Microsoft IT Academy. In November 2010, North Carolina became the first state in the nation to offer the Microsoft IT Academy Program through public high schools. Since then, the program has been implemented in 98 school districts and 344 high schools across the state of North Carolina. Watch this video to learn more about their success.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012


What's New/Program Updates

Beta Exams Offer a Head Start

Description: Beta ExamsGive your students and yourself the opportunity to influence the future of the Microsoft Certification program and be among the first to learn about an emerging technology. By taking a beta exam, you and your students can be among the first to pass a new exam and get certified on the latest technologies. Learn more about beta exams.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012


New Translator Feature on Microsoft IT Academy Websites

Description: Translator FeatureThe Microsoft Translator, which can be found in the upper right corner of pages on Microsoft IT Academy websites, has a new feature that allows you to contribute improved translations or vote on the improved translations submitted by others. It’s easy to use this feature. Once you translate the page, simply hover over the translated text, click Improve Translation in the box that appears, make your changes, and click submit. Visit the public and member site pages to try this new feature.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012


Benefit Highlights

Get Help Implementing a Microsoft Certification Program

Description: MASPAs a Microsoft IT Academy member, you’re already teaching students the 21st century technology skills they need to be competitive in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. Now is the time to implement a Microsoft Certification program to help your students validate what they’ve learned. Your local Microsoft Academy Service Partner (MASP) can help. Find a MASP in your area.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012


Success Stories

Students in the Commonwealth of Virginia Get Certified

Description: Commonwealth of Virginia Get CertifiedTechnology education is essential for preparing students for success in college and in the workforce, and following that education with certification validates what a student has learned. At the beginning of the school year, the Commonwealth of Virginia signed an agreement to deploy the Microsoft IT Academy program in every high school in Virginia to provide IT training to its students. Read about some of their students’ accomplishments from year one. View the original press release from September 2011.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012


School in Spain Joins IT Courses and Certification

Description: IT Courses and CertificationIES Esteve Terradas de Cornellà de Llobregat (IES) of Barcelona, Spain makes certification a requirement in its Microsoft IT Academy courses to help students acquire jobs after graduation. According to a representative from IES, gaining Microsoft Certification brings a significant competitive advantage when it comes to accessing the labor market. When companies contact IES with internship opportunities, certified students typically have a better chance of being selected. Explore more Microsoft IT Academy case studies.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012



Keep Your Membership Active

Description: Keep Your Membership ActiveMake sure you renew your Microsoft IT Academy membership before it expires to ensure uninterrupted access to your benefits. Renewal is quick, easy, and all online. Renew within the first 60 days of your renewal period to receive a 15 percent discount off the price of your membership. To check your membership expiration date, visit my academy (select tab 2, Membership Details).

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012


Certification and Exams

Spark a Student’s Career with DreamSpark

Description: DreamSparkUse the latest 20 Years | 20 Ways initiative to spark the imagination of your students and help them build their IT skills and careers with support from DreamSpark. DreamSpark puts powerful tools in the hands of students, helping them learn to develop applications, games, tools, and designs, all at little to no cost. Learn more about this Microsoft IT Academy software benefit.

Read about the 20 Years | 20 Ways initiative on the Born to Learn website.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012


New Developer Certification for the App Marketplace

Description: New Developer CertificationAs part of its reinvented certification program, Microsoft is pleased to introduce the new Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certification; MCSD: Windows Metro Style Apps. This certification addresses new skills and a broader audience including next generation developers who thrive on cutting edge technology with a focus on the skills needed to create genius applications in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing marketplaces.

Read about MSCD news on the Born to Learn website.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012



Microsoft Official Courses Updates

Description: Microsoft Official Courses UpdatesMicrosoft Official Courses (MOC) are intended to help you teach students the information employers consider the most important in the real world. Use MOC to prepare your students for the 21st century workforce. Take advantage of new processes we’re implementing to help keep you informed, like a MOC Change Log that identifies changes since the last version, informative posts on the Born to Learn blog, and public postings of retiring or revised courses. Read about MOC and other teaching resources available to Microsoft IT Academy members.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012


New Course Numbers to Align with Exam Numbers

Description: New Course NumbersMicrosoft is introducing a new course numbering system which will help you and your students easily identify certification exams that align to Microsoft Official Courses (MOC). Specifically, we are keeping the current 5-digit course number format, but now, the first two numeric digits will designate the language and the following three digits will correspond with the aligned exam number. Read more about Microsoft IT Academy exams and MOC.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012


Student Employability

Help Your Students Get Jobs in the Cloud

Description: Get Jobs in the CloudAccording to analyst firm International Data Corporation, cloud computing will create nearly 14 million new jobs globally by 2015. Millions of businesses have already adopted cloud technologies, and they need IT professionals to help them cloud-optimize and manage their infrastructures. Encourage your students to earn one of the new cloud-based Microsoft Certifications to increase their employment opportunities. Learn about the newest cloud-based certifications.

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Original Publication Date: 06/28/2012



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