How-To: Create a Magazine Cover Using Microsoft Publisher

Curriculum Area: English/ Design and Technology

Grade Level: Yrs 3 and up

Application: Microsoft Publisher 2000

Tip: Create a cover for a magazine.

Description: Students design a cover for a magazine. The theme can relate to any curriculum area-for example, a health topic, science in the news, a historical event, a book, a political person or event, desert animals, or weather. The cover should include elements such as a catchy title, titles of articles that would engage the reader, and pictures that draw attention to the main theme.

How To:
  1. Working in groups or by yourself, plan your magazine cover on paper.
  2. Start Microsoft Publisher. In the dialog box that opens, select the Blank Publications tab. Select the Full Page blank publication, and then click Create.
  3. Design your cover starting with the background and moving out. It's like decorating a room-paint the walls or put up wallpaper before you hang your pictures.

    Explore some of the designs in the Quick Publication Wizard area. Some of the backdrops and borders will work nicely on a magazine cover. Or, design your own backdrop for your cover using the drawing tools.
  4. Add your own text using text frames and WordArt. Format the text so it looks attractive on the cover.
  5. Add pictures to your cover that enhance its appearance and stick to the theme being presented.
  6. Save your cover frequently, and then print a colour copy.

    Sample magazine cover:
    magazine cover

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